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DUPR Rating Clinics

Join our DUPR rating clinics and receive a pickleball rating!

Saturday January 14th
9:00-10:30a Beginner/Low Intermediate Rating Clinic (3.4 & under)
10:30-12:00p Intermediate/Advanced (3.5+) Rating Clinic

Wednesday February 15th
6:00-7:30p Beginner/Low Intermediate Rating Clinic (3.4 & under)
7:30-9:00p Intermediate/Advanced (3.5+) Rating Clinic

Address: Indoors at Recreation Center
501 Franklin Ave, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Ball: Franklin Sports X-26 Performance Indoor

Limited spots available!

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What is DUPR?
Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR) is the most accurate and only global rating system in Pickleball. All players, regardless of their age, gender, location, or skill, are rated on the same scale between 2.00-8.00 based on their match results. 
What will you be able to use your DUPR rating for?
It’s important you get a DUPR because your rating will be used exclusively for entry into all programming--clinics, leagues and ladders and for skill assessment and improvement tracking with lessons.
Do points scored in a match affect ratings?
Yes! Fight for every point and every game because they all count--not just wins or losses like traditional ranking systems.
What if I’m unrated and I play against other unrated players? 
That’s okay! Those scores will retroactively count once you or the other players play against someone who does have a DUPR. This is called “connectivity” and it’s a beautiful thing. One match result is all it takes to have a DUPR rating, and 5-10 match results is all it takes to have an even more accurate rating.